I came down from my comp high pretty quickly as all the junk food I stuffed in my face took its toll and I seized up like I was a 92-year-old woman! Getting out of bed on Sunday (and Monday…and Tuesday for that matter!) was uncomfortable and depressing. Ridiculous considering there were only really nine […]

The Smoky. Yum.

There’s no point giving you a day-by-day run down of the pre-comp week because I was so exhausted, I was unable to actually do anything :-( I went rock climbing for a friend’s birthday on Sunday which, despite being great fun (and I was actually quite good at it: I haven’t been rock climbing for […]


I absolutely cannot wait for this competition to be over. I have pushed myself so much since the last comp – it’s paying off, mostly! – and I am fucking exhausted. My body feels like lead; my joints are all stiff; my desire to train has abandoned me! I’ve been promised that the rest days I have […]

Doing my best impression of Icarus...?

This week has been, on the most part, awesome for the confidence! I’m never going to be a record breaker and, let’s face it, I’m going to come last on 20th. But this week I just feel like I’m going to blow my 245kg total out of the water. True, there’s still every chance that […]


This week has had a number of training lows and one big training high! I’m really starting to believe that I might do well in the deadlift at the British in THREE WEEKS’ TIME!! Still not wholly convinced that my bench or squat are going to be particularly good though. As lofty as my ambitions are, […]

Snog do peanut butter fro-yo! Fuck yes!!!

This week, the peak cycle starts! This means lots of heavy sets and probably some tears! I’ve got quite lofty ambitions for the British Classic on 20 September – which may not be entirely realistic – but I’m going to work my arse off to get as close as I can! I seem to be […]

Rest day burger, erm, gainz!

I’ve had to take a deload this week because my hip flexors are quite unhappy with me. I don’t know if this is because of the volume of training Matt’s got me doing, the changes I’ve made to my squat position are taking a while to adjust to, or if my hip flexors are just […]


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