Week 4 of my off-season mesocycle, and I’m definitely looking forward to deload (week 6). You never know, I might have the energy to tidy up my flat! My diet has totally gone off the rails and I’ve gained 5kg in 5 weeks! As Matt would say, “Gainz”. Luckily, I still just about fit in […]


I promised a more exciting post this week, but guess what, I think I’m gong to fail!! I should just accept it, I’m not very interesting… Ah well. Here’s my usual mix of training rundown and food pics, with added knitwear. Monday 13 October Well, the week started off positively! I felt rested and was […]


I’ll apologise now: I really don’t have the energy to write anything this week. I know this blog isn’t exactly a thrill-a-minute, or even particularly well written, but this week I seem to be struggling to string a coherent sentence together. So I’ll keep it brief!! Monday 6 October I decided to have a look […]


This week was my first week back training after the British Classic, and I thought having had a week of R&R and eating everything in sight, I would be on good form and ready to attack my off-season cycle with gusto. Alas, this week actually saw my ego (and confidence) take a bit of a […]


I came down from my comp high pretty quickly as all the junk food I stuffed in my face took its toll and I seized up like I was a 92-year-old woman! Getting out of bed on Sunday (and Monday…and Tuesday for that matter!) was uncomfortable and depressing. Ridiculous considering there were only really nine […]

The Smoky. Yum.

There’s no point giving you a day-by-day run down of the pre-comp week because I was so exhausted, I was unable to actually do anything :-( I went rock climbing for a friend’s birthday on Sunday which, despite being great fun (and I was actually quite good at it: I haven’t been rock climbing for […]


I absolutely cannot wait for this competition to be over. I have pushed myself so much since the last comp – it’s paying off, mostly! – and I am fucking exhausted. My body feels like lead; my joints are all stiff; my desire to train has abandoned me! I’ve been promised that the rest days I have […]


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