Trying out the “550 Killer Rep” workout

I cancelled my gym membership. To anyone who knows me, that sounds utterly bizarre. “But Emma-Lee,” they’d say, “you live in the gym…”

Well, actually, you’re so right. I do live in the gym: what was once our master bedroom is now a home gym which is soon to have a rather impressive power rack with lat pull down attachment as its centrepiece. We sleep in the spare room (what was once my craft room…but that’s another story).

And that’s why I’ve cancelled my gym membership. With the power rack and a spin bike at home, there’s no need to pay a ridiculous amount of money to some chain gym who can’t fix the air conditioning and is being taken over by CrossFitters (I’ll probably rant about CrossFit at some point. Just thought I’d warn you).

However, I want something more from my home workouts. Something that doesn’t only involve lifting heavy weights or sitting on an indoor cycle past the point of my bum going numb…

I’ve recently started doing workouts that I found on the website. Once I got past all the grunting and moaning, the blatant soft pornography, I actually found some interesting body-weight only interval/circuit routines which I thought might add something to my ever-increasing exercise regime (I am very enthusiastic and want to try everything!! But not CrossFit…)

So last night, after I finished my chest workout (5×5 bench press, 4×5 incline press, plus some chin ups and tricep dips because I don’t have an “arms” day) I did the 550 Killer Reps workout. Zuzana, the (original, and to some, the only) host, completed this workout in 32mins and something-or-another seconds. I did it in 28mins 32secs.

Zuzana from BodyRock

Picture of Zuzana (stolen from the website) doing her thing very elegantly. I, however, am not so graceful…

Now that woman is fit (in more ways than one…oh to look like her!). I’m in pretty good nick, but I can’t imagine I’m fitter (in the exercise sense) than her in any way at all.

I guess my form must’ve been appalling. It’s the only thing I can think of. Or maybe I’m doing myself an injustice.

Either way, I was bloody exhausted once I’d finished. However, it didn’t stop me from then doing a 20min kettlebell workout of my own design.

Frankly, I’m amazed I can walk today.

All joking aside, I do wonder whether I push myself to do too much. But what is “too much”? All I know is that I really fucking enjoy it!


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