Sleep deprived and ratty as hell!

It is amazing how one really awful night’s sleep can ruin a whole week.

I live near a major sports stadium and on Sunday night, at about 2.30am, their fire and intruder alarm systems malfunctioned, resulting in a banshee wail resounding around the local area for about 3 hours. No matter what I did, I couldn’t sleep through it.

Monday was a complete wash-out. I ended up with a really awful headache and had to leave work early. I also had to forgo my strength training work out 😦

I also couldn’t face my cardio session on Tuesday. I had visions of myself falling of the bike I was so exhausted.
And frankly, Wednesday and Thursday’s work outs really weren’t that great: I wasn’t as strong or as energetic as I usually am.

Today? The prospect of a heavy squat session doesn’t fill me with much joy. I’d quite like to just go home, curl up under a blanket and eat some chocolate.

All because of a bloody alarm!



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