Countdown to my week off weights: T minus 7 days…

I always get quite anxious about having a week off weights, let alone not doing any exercise at all. I know that it’s good practice to do it, recovery is as important as the working out malarkey, but still, prior to a week off, I always feel it will hinder rather than help (although, not so after the event: I feel energised and reinvigorated, and ready for the next challenge)

4 weeks ago I had a deload week, which was great: lighter weights for higher reps before I changed my training to what it is now.

It doesn’t seem to have been enough though and I really haven’t made much progress over the last 4 weeks: I’m still only squatting 70kg for 5 and my bench press seems to be going backwards. My deadlift has increased, but I’m always concerned about deadlifting too much, using poor form and hurting my back again (one day I’ll explain the extreme-sewing incident that left me stranded on the floor in agony…)

So, from Sunday 30th September I shall have a week off the weights. I know my body needs to be free from the stress I put it under just for a little while. I’ll still do some cardio and bodyweight circuits, just no trying to lift more than my bodyweight across my back or from the floor.

I will have this week off. I will…


The Exercise DTs…

And actually, it’s really quite important that I do get into the right head space to only do bodyweight circuits: I’m going to Japan for 3 weeks in a couple of months’ time. I’m not going to have access to a gym, just a small amount of floor space in a studio apartment.

I suppose I could always squat my luggage…


One comment

  1. While you’re in Japan, check out a website I found a while back. It’s full of body weight circuits (think CrossFit, HIIT, tabata etc) that you can do in around 15 minutes (or more if you combine lots of different exercises).
    Its (it might be .com?)
    Or search their videos on YouTube)
    Good luck with your week of rest and have fun in Japan!

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