Monthly Archives: October 2012

The first foray into… “Spin” routines

I’ve been following a few different indoor cycling routines that I’ve found online for a little while now and frankly I’m bored. Not because the routines are bad. Far from it: they’re quite varied. I’ve just been doing the same ones over and over; and some of them are 90 minutes long. I don’t want […]


The Rewards of a Week Off Weights

My week off weights has come and gone, and my god did I need it. I was so tired. I have had deload weeks, but not a complete week off the weights. Going cold turkey wasn’t easy but I am now feeling back to my bouncy self and my new workout schedule has begun… Before […]

kangaroo steaks

What to do with kangaroo?!

So today I bought kangaroo steaks from a market stall in Kingston-upon-Thames… Problem is, I have no bloody idea what to do with them. HELP!!! 🙂


Today’s Porridge: Chilli Chocolate

Chilli chocolate is something that I no longer find strange, yet I know some people still do. But people, this is not as strange as wasabi chocolate! I tried the Lindt one recently and unfortunately it’s not something I can un-taste 😦 And I like wasabi!! Needless to say, I shall be avoiding the wasabi […]