What to do with kangaroo?!

So today I bought kangaroo steaks from a market stall in Kingston-upon-Thames…

kangaroo steaks

Tie me kangaroo down, sport

Problem is, I have no bloody idea what to do with them. HELP!!!




  1. Cook it fast and hot (and serve rare) or low and slow and nowhere in between. If the rare part of fast doesn’t suit, use a meat tenderiser and pound into thin pieces for ‘minute steak’ or crumb as a schnitzel. For low and slow, use venison recipes (roo is dark, gamey and very lean too), traditional and hearty or fancy nouveau stuff with things like chocolate. The lean factor is one oart of it being very healthy meat.
    And also bear in mind, that while some ill-informed animal lib campaigns in the UK have painted roo meat as cruel, it is actually the most humane meat out there. Every animal died wild and almost instantaneously with a head shot (the shooter can’t sell them otherwise). And it is an entirely sustainable harvest of a few species that are very much abundant.
    Hope you enjoy it.

    1. Wow! Thank you! That’s great to know. I’m cooking it tomorrow. Fingers crossed…

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