The Rewards of a Week Off Weights

My week off weights has come and gone, and my god did I need it. I was so tired. I have had deload weeks, but not a complete week off the weights. Going cold turkey wasn’t easy but I am now feeling back to my bouncy self and my new workout schedule has begun…

Before the week off I’d hit a plateau (see T-minus 7 days…). So, in an attempt to blast my way through this I’ve mixed things up a bit: 3 full body weights sessions a week interspersed with 2 cardio sessions, a body weight only circuit, a kettlebell circuit and 2 abs sessions.

So, Monday evening after work, the weight training resumed. In my head I was a strong as an ox. In reality, it hurt and I struggled (although my strength hadn’t really diminished. It’s just amazing how quickly your body forgets how tough lifting can be!)


World’s Strongest Woman…or not

Needless to say, Tuesday morning I woke up a bit stiff. I’ve missed that feeling. Muscles that haven’t felt sore after a workout for ages, like my abs, are sore. I can feel my triceps. Sitting down is hilarious!

I really hope that the combination of a new schedule after a week of R&R will mean I’ll be progressing at a rate of knots!!

My new schedule:


Strength training (4 sets of 3-5 reps):

  • deadlift
  • front squat
  • pull up
  • skullcrusher/ez bar curl superset
  • upright rows

Abs circuit (c. 15 mins)


Cardio: 45-60 mins spin routine – alternating between focus on sprints and hill climbs


Strength training:

  • bench press
  • incline or decline press (alternate each week)
  • chin ups/dips superset
  • bent row
  • split squat

Kettlebells circuit (c. 15 mins)


Bodyweight circuit (c. 30 mins)


Strength training:

  • squat
  • stiff-legged deadlift
  • overhead press
  • narrow grip bench press/lat pulldown superset
  • press ups (wide, narrow and diamond)

Abs circuit (c. 15 mins)


Cardio: Sprints – either running or on spin bike


Sit on the sofa and don’t move all day…


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