The Rewards of a Week Off Weights…Revisited

YES!! Having a week off was a bloody brilliant idea! I’ve broken so many PBs and I feel so much stronger! I must admit, this is usually how I feel after a week off, but I always allow myself to forget.

But no more! I shall have weeks off more regularly (although obviously not too regularly, as tempting as that might be when I just don’t feel like it…)

So let’s do a comparison of the 5 main exercises (because I know you can barely contain your excitement!!).




Squats 1 set of 70kg for 5 reps 1 set of 72.5kg for 4 reps
Deadlifts 1 set of 75kg for 4 reps 1 set of 82.5kg for 4 reps
Bench press 2 sets of 35kg for 5 rep 2 sets of 37.5kg for 5
Overhead (strict) press 2 sets of 25kg for 5 reps 2 sets of 27.5kg for 4 reps
Pull up 3 sets of 3; 3 sets of 2; total of 15 1 set of 5 reps; 4 sets of 4.5 reps

Well, the differences may not be huge, but my deadlift is now 145% of my bodyweight (compared to 132%) and I’m bloody proud of myself! And hey! If I can’t be self-congratulatory on my blog, then where can I be?! Huzzah!!


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