I’m still alive!

We went to Japan and it was amazing. My spiritual home! The boyfriend had to drag me away from all the Hello Kitty tat that I seemed magnetically attracted to and there was a lot of it! The food was amazing. I’ve never eaten such fantastic fish. We can’t wait to go back, and we will!

Me and Hello Kitty

Magnetically attracted to that damned cat!

Anyhoo… Back to diet and exercise. I went armed with a set of body weight and resistance band workouts that I was going to use to keep myself in shape while I was away.

I did one circuit once.

So, after 3 weeks of eating Japanese sweet treats like my life depended on it and doing no strength training at all, I have been trying to get back into lifting weights and eating healthily again.

The last 3 weeks have been tough. I’ve lost a bit of strength and a lot of confidence when lifting. I’m getting there and hopefully I’ll be lifting pre-holiday weight soon. But the hardest thing is getting my eating back on track. I count calories because I have a tendency to overeat and calories are the easiest thing to track. I know they’re not the most important thing considering my goals, it’s just convenient. Everyday since getting back, I have overeaten.

Christmas hasn’t helped. So much chocolate. So much cheese. So many biscuits and mince pies and Christmas pudding and cake… 3 weeks in Japan not testing my will power and I become undisciplined. I’ve made lame excuses like “it’s Christmas” or “I’m hormonal!!”.

Time to give myself a slap and get back on track. I don’t deny myself a treat – that’s what the weekends are for. I’ve just got to remind myself that what I eat does affect how I feel, which affects my weight training and how strong I feel. And I love feeling strong!!


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