Today’s porridge: oat and quinoa

I recently bought some porridge oats from Waitrose that contained quinoa and decided it was just too expensive for what it was! I mean, it was nice but the amount of dessicated coconut that was added to it was ridiculous and the dates were dry and tasteless.

Date and coconut porridge from Waitrose

The Waitrose porridge, Nice, but probably not worth the money!

I’ve always got quinoa in the cupboard so I thought I’d give it a go myself.

I’m starting with something simple – no trying to be clever with flavours or whatever – just my “go to” ingredients with added quinoa.

my tub of quinoa

Quinoa – the grain of the gods?

Ingredients etc:

  • 25g porridge oats 90kcal
  • 25g quinoa 93.5kcal
  • 10g milled seeds 44.7kcal
  • 200ml hazelnut milk 58kcal
  • 15g raisins and dried cranberries 46.5kcal
  • 15g honey 47.1kcal
quinoa porridge


Usual process applies – combine all the ingredients except the honey the night before, cover and put in the fridge; give it a stir in the morning before putting in the microwave for 4 minutes (stirring half way through); add honey; devour.


Not bad. It actually needed 6 minutes in the microwave and even then the quinoa was still a bit crunchy. There was probably too much quinoa in there. Next time I’ll only add 10g quinoa and see how that works out. I definitely think I’m on to something though. There’s always room for more protein!


One comment

  1. This is pretty darned tasty, although I wasn’t paying attention and it boiled over and I lost half of it… 4 minutes and the quinoa was still al dente.

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