I’m crap at this blogging malarkey…

The title says it all really: I’m crap at keeping up with this blogging malarkey! And it’s not because I don’t want to tell you all about my really exciting life etc. It’s just that you’d all die of jealousy (or boredom…most likely boredom…!) I haven’t really had anything to tell you about that might be of any interest. Quite sad really, huh?

What has happened recently though is I got injured šŸ˜¦

Two-thirds of the way into a 14 mile cycle home from work a couple of weeks ago, something went ping in my left leg/lower back.

A couple of years ago, I fucked my back up and ended up with awful sciatica after an extreme sewing (!) incident. I thought this shock of pain was a relapse.

I hobbled around doing all the things the physio told me to do for the sciatica – which included walking, but after 20 minutes I was usually in agony. If this was sciatica, then I shouldn’t be in this much pain!

So I did a bit of self-diagnosis. It wasn’t sciatica. It was my IT band. Walking with IT band syndrome is neither pleasant nor advisable. D’oh!

So off I went to the doctor with my “expert” diagnosis and thankfully she gave me something for the pain and inflammation.

Last night (a week after visiting the doctor), I managed to do an hour’s indoor cycling session. Progress! Not 100% but as long as I don’t push myself too far and I listen to my body, I should hopefully be OK.

And today, I’m going to lift weights for the first time in 2 weeks: a hypertrophy upper body session. Sunday I’m going to do a “reload” week and start working towards restarting the 5/3/1 programme.

Not being able to exercise has driven me BONKERS!!!!! I’m so excited šŸ™‚



P.S. this is my disclaimer: I’m a history graduate and I have no idea about medicine! Don’t take my word on anything remotely medical etc. – that would be really bloody stupid!


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