100kg deadlift! FINALLY!

On Thursday 24th October 2013, at about 6pm, I finally did it. I deadlifted 100kg (that’s just over 220lb to my non-metric readers!).

It’s been a dream for what seems like an age and I’d hoped that 5/3/1 would get me there. Sadly, I kept stalling (or maybe it was just in my head) and then there was a back and IT band injury in July this year (when something went *ping* as I was cycling home from work one day) and I thought that was it. 88kg for 1 rep using straps would be the best I could ever manage (and that was back in May) and I would be stuck lifting about 80kg for the rest of my lifting days.

A couple of weeks ago I picked up Wendler’s 5/3/1 book again. I was getting bored of the push/pull superset routine I’d been doing for a few months (and my numbers were boringly low!) and I needed some inspiration. The modified strongman training I’d taken up in September had reignited my love of lifting heavy shit and feeling strong. So during my next deadlifting session I thought I’d go heavier and see how much I could lift.

70kg went up easily for 10 reps; 75kg for 8; 80kg for 6… Wait there, I thought, I’m feeling really bloody strong. I can go much heavier. 85kg for 4 reps… Bugger it! I’m going for a PB… 90kg for 2. I probably could have done more reps, but I was so thrilled that I’d managed to get that weight off the floor at all, I got distracted and settled for the 2 reps. With NO straps!

The next day, I was hit by a stomach bug. The next time I felt well enough to lift, my squat form suffered. I thought that was it. Deadlifts were going to suffer next time too: I’d lost a significant amount of strength to the loo (TMI? Sorry!) and I would have to work up to the 90kg again 😦

So deadlift day came around again. I decided to do fewer reps on the lower weight to save myself for the heavier stuff. 75kg for 5 – easy; 80kg for 5 – fair; 85kg for 5 – OK getting really tough; 90kg for 3! WOOHOO better than last week! Let’s add more weight!; 95kg for 1 OK not too bad. Tough but it came off the floor pretty smoothly…ah fuck it. What’s the worst that can happen?!?!; 100KG FOR 1!! 100KG FOR 1!!! AND NO STRAPS!

Me and my 100kg deadlift

Snapshot from the video – locking out at the top of my 100kg deadlift

It wasn’t pretty. I had to work the bar up my thighs. My back was probably a bit rounded (but not ridiculously, although I must watch out for this). I filmed it, but sadly it was a bit dark so you can see I’ve lifted it, but it’s not brilliant.

I only weigh 57kg so 2 times bodyweight is in spitting distance. Can I do this by Christmas?!?!



  1. LGeorge · · Reply

    Nice work! On the progress and on the post…I can almost hear your excitment through your words!

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