What have I done…?!

In September I started doing Modified Strongman Training. You may all be aware of what Strongman is – images of Geoff Capes or, if you’re more up to date, Žydrūnas Savickas, but you may not be 100% on what the modified bit means. Well, basically it’s Strongman but modified so anyone can do it.

Žydrūnas Savickas

You’ll be amazed to know that this isn’t me. This is Žydrūnas Savickas. I know it’s difficult to tell the difference because, you know, I’m so bloody strong-looking!

Super-Girl Training is run by Ben Gotting (former London Wasps player and now a PT at Gymbox, Holborn) and held at Rosslyn Park rugby club 9.30am on Saturday mornings. All women, whatever their fitness or strength level, are welcome. For £15 you get a hour of really intense exercise.

We’ve played with tyres, super yokes, farmers walks, battle ropes, prowlers, sleds, tug of war, kettlebells and barbells. It’s really fucking hard but it’s so much fun!

tyre flip

This, on the other hand, is me.

I’ve always loved watching World’s Strongest Man on TV at Christmas/New Year and  have thoroughly enjoyed playing with the big boys’ toys.

So, when I saw it advertised on Facebook,  of course I thought signing up for Britain’s Strongest Woman in March 2014 would be a brilliant idea. I looked at the events list and knowing I can deadlift 100kg (the starting weight for the first event) and press more than 30kg overhead I thought what the hey! I can do this and paid my money. A couple of days on and I’ve had time to really think about what I’ve got to do. Yes, I can deadlift 100kg using a BARBELL but I have no idea how much I’ll be able to lift using an AXEL. 30kg overhead? Easy…well, with a BARBELL, but a KEG?!

Shit, what I have I signed up for?!

I’ll be competing in the U63kg division. And this is what I’ve got to do:

Event 1: Max axle bar deadlift (30 seconds per attempt)
3 nominated lifts after the starting weight (No straps or suits!).
U63kg starting weight – 100kg

Event 2: Floor to overhead reps (75 seconds limit)
U63kg Women – 30kg thin log 1 point, 40kg Axel 3 points

Event 3: Rope pull to prowler push (75 seconds limit)
Seated pull for 15 metres straight into a 15 metre push back.
U63kg Women – Prowler + 80kg

Event 4: Keg carry and lift (75 seconds limit)
Carry a keg 20 metres and then lift it overhead; repeat without putting the keg down. Maximum reps in the time limit wins, reps will be split timed in case of ties.
U63kg Women – 30kg

Event 5: Tyre flips to farmers walk (75 seconds limit)
5 flips of the tyre and then 20 metres of farmers walk.
U63kg Women – 150kg Tyre, Farmers 65kg each hand

Event 6: Crucifix hold (No time limit)
U63kg Women – 6kg per hand

Thankfully, I’ve got 12 weeks to get competitive and I’ve contacted a few women who’ve competed.Tara Senic (Sweat Like a Pig) and Meg megrstrong Robson have been particularly amazing in giving me advice and offering me help. In fact, I’m training with Tara tomorrow morning.

Once I’ve got my training plan sorted, I shall blog weekly, keeping you up to date with my progress. And, of course, I’ll let you know how I get on. There are 15 competitors. I just hope I don’t come 15th!!!

12 weeks and counting…


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