Monthly Archives: December 2013

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Week 4: Christmas gluttony

I decided that this week I would take it a little easier that I have done over the last 3 weeks as certain parts of my body, particularly my shoulders and neck, and of course Ernie, are having issues with the change in training. As I follow the 5/3/1 programme for squats and bench press, […]

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I’m on the board!

Just thought I’d drop by quickly to let you know I reached my Christmas target: last night, with rather dubious form (there was hitching…there’s always too much hitching 😦 ) I got 125kg off the floor and locked out. Annoyingly I didn’t get a photo or video of it because I honestly didn’t think I’d […]

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Week 3 and it’s all gone tits up :-(

This was not a good week at all. I’ve been a bit ill, I’m a little bit injured and I have been so tired I almost fell asleep at work! Really looking forward to Christmas so I can have a rest! Monday 16th: Pressing with Tara and Anna. Today was shit. I really wasn’t happy […]

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Week 2: PBs galore!!

This week, not only did I train with competition in mind, but I also discovered the Pixlr app for my phone, so now all my images have borders and filters! Sorry! I’ll get bored soon! I’ve decided that cycling 30 miles a day, even only 3 days a week, is too much as I’m too […]

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12 weeks out and all’s well…

This week I started to come to terms with what I’ve signed up for. I also spent more money than I should on things that I NEED (!!) for training. Obviously I can’t kit out my home gym with all the Strongman equipment I could ever need – I don’t have the money or the […]