Week 2: PBs galore!!

This week, not only did I train with competition in mind, but I also discovered the Pixlr app for my phone, so now all my images have borders and filters! Sorry! I’ll get bored soon!

I’ve decided that cycling 30 miles a day, even only 3 days a week, is too much as I’m too knackered to be able to lift as much as I need to. So, I’ve started cycling half way to Putney. That way, if I need to go to the gym then I’m in the right place!

So this is how the week’s training looked:


Rest. It wasn’t a planned rest day, but it was nice to have! I’d had a shitty day at work and just really wanted to mope a bit. Yes I gave in to self-pity. I did cycle to and from Putney though!


After my crappy day at work on Monday I decided to harness the power of the unicorn to make Tuesday a fuck load better.

unicorn jumper

How can anything bad happen when you’ve got a unicorn on your chest?!

It worked!

That evening I trained with Tara. Time for some deadlift PBs!

  • Axle deadlift:
    • 50kgx5
    • 70kgx5
    • 85kgx5
    • 95kgx3
    • 105kgx1
    • 110kgx0.75 – couldn’t lock out! So frustrating!!
    • 110kgx1!! PB!! WOOHOO!!
  • Sumo deadlifts:
    • 60kgx5
    • 80kgx5
    • 90kgx3
    • 100kgx1
    • 105kgx1
    • 107.5kgx1 PB!
  • Bent rows
    • 20kgx10
    • 40kgx5
    • 45kgx5
    • 45kgx5 PB!
  • Chin ups (unassisted) – alternated with pull ups
    • 6
    • 4
    • 3
  • Pull ups (unassisted) – alternated with pull ups
    • 3 (and a bit…couldn’t quite get my chin above the bar but was sooooo close!)
    • 1 (and a bit…again, couldn’t get my bloody chin above the bar!)

Tara and I like to keep it classy with our post-workout din-dins, so this week we had dinner at GBK. I wanted the buffalo burger but they didn’t have any left. Gutted. But hey ho. It was nice nonetheless.

gourmet burger kitchen

Had to beef as they’d sold out of buffalo. Slightly disappointed but, sweet potato fries were to die for!!

Wednesday – first 1:1 training session with Mike, a Strongman trainer

Another shitty day at work. What I wanted to do was go home and eat chocolate. I didn’t. I dragged my self-pitying arse to the gym and worked hard. Well, I’d arranged a proper training session so I would’ve lost out big-time if I’d given in!

If you read Tara’s blog, you’ll know she trains with her coach, Mike, fairly regularly. I figured I’d better have a few sessions with him before the competition and it’s not really fair to expect Tara to train me.

I didn’t write every set of every exercise down as I didn’t get chance. We focused on overhead pressing and Mike made me work on my technique, which resulted in a massive lump and bruise on my chin and an even bigger bruise on my collar bone!! We covered:

  • Leg press
  • Axle press
  • Cleans and continental cleans
  • Overhead press with a keg

Being the Billy-No-Mates that I am, I had dinner on my own at Nando’s: double chicken breast burger (medium spice) with extra pineapple and a corn on the cob.


Dinner for 1!


This was my team Christmas dinner so it was a rest day. No cycling. No lifting. Just food:

beef skewers

Shit lighting, shit picture 😦 tasted good though

chocolate cake

Aztec Chocolate Fudge Cake. Fucking gorgeous


I couldn’t be bothered to cycle at all so I didn’t. I wish I had: the trains were buggered. Work was significantly better today – well I ended up taking half the day off so there wasn’t time for anything to go tits up.

Like you do on a Friday night, I squatted 🙂

  • Squats (5/3/1)
    • 35kgx5
    • 43kgx5
    • 52kgx3
    • 60.5kgx3
    • 69kgx3
    • 77.5kgx8
  • Bench press (5/3/1)
    • 20kg x5
    • 23kgx5
    • 28kgx3
    • 32.5kgx3
    • 37kgx3
    • 41.5kgx8
  • Trap bar deadlifts
    • 60kgx5
    • 80kgx5
    • 100kgx1
    • 105kgx0
    • 102.5kgx0
    • 101.75kgx1 (should’ve been 101kg but I forgot to change the plates on one end because I’m an idiot!!!)
    • 102.5kgx1 PB!
  • Front squats
    • 20kgx5
    • 40kgx5
    • 50kgx5
    • 60kgx3
    • 62.5kgx1 PB!
    • 65kgx0 😦


Ahhh rest day. I even managed a bit of a lie-in. WOOHOO! I was going out for dinner that evening with my friend Juliette so I thought I’d have a massive breakfast and only eat a small amount during the day.

cooked breakfast

Saturday breakfast: steak, bacon, egg, spinach, avocado and soda bread

Juliette and I went to Great Queen Street where I had roast partridge for the first time. It was pretty yummy. We also shared a dessert (to lessen the guilt)! Can’t really go wrong with anything chocolate!

roast partridged

Not a pear tree in sight…

chocolate fritters

Chocolate fritters and clotted cream (they were deep fried…shhhhhhh!!)


No training with Tara today (we’re training on Monday instead) so I had another lie-in! Woohoo! Precious, precious sleep!

I woke up fancying something sweet so I thought I’d make myself some protein pancakes. They were fucking awesome!

Chocolate protein pancakes

Chocolate protein pancakes. Wish I could have these every day…

Pancake recipe:

  • 50g low fat cottage cheese
  • 30g milk protein powder (I used The Protein Works Milk Concentrate 80 Chocolate Smooth)
  • 2 whole eggs
  • 25g rolled oats

Stick the ingredients in a blender and blitz.

Melt a few grams of coconut oil in a frying pan and cook as you would any other pancake!

I layered mine with Nutella and crunchy peanut butter (I used Whole Earth organic)

I thought I’d better do something today otherwise there would’ve been a few too many rest days this week (and I’m already feeling lazy for not cycling on Friday…)

  • Rack pulls
    • 60kgx5
    • 80kgx4
    • 90kgx3
    • 100kgx2
    • 110kgx1
    • 120kgx0 FAIL 😦
    • 115kgx1 PB!
  • Front squats
    • 20kgx8
    • 40kgx5
    • 50kgx5
    • 60kgx2
    • 63.75kgx1 PB! (This should’ve been 62.5kg but I put the wrong plate on one end! I am an idiot!)
    • 65kgx0 FAIL 😦
  • Pull ups
    • 5
    • 5
    • 4.5 – couldn’t quite get my chin above the bar on the last rep but I was sooooo close

And that’s this week. I’m really looking forward to next week. Are more PBs in store?



  1. Amanda · · Reply

    Your figures scare me!!! Well done you xxx

    1. Why thank you! Heehee xx

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