Week 4: Christmas gluttony

I decided that this week I would take it a little easier that I have done over the last 3 weeks as certain parts of my body, particularly my shoulders and neck, and of course Ernie, are having issues with the change in training.

As I follow the 5/3/1 programme for squats and bench press, I was scheduled a deload week any way. Plus, it’s Christmas! Taking it a bit easier didn’t mean holding back completely though, as you’ll see with deadlift day, but I did allow myself Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day off!

So this week’s training went a little like this:

Monday 23rd – deadlifts with Tara

  • Axle deadlifts:
    • 50×5
    • 70×5
    • 90×4
    • 100×1
    • 110×1
    • 115 – failed 3 times at this! Every time my grip gave out before I could lock out. So frustrating!
deadlift collage

Triumphs and failures: the deadlift rollercoaster!

  • Sumo deadlifts:
    • 60×5
    • 80×5
    • 100×2
    • 110×1
    • 120×1 PR!
  • Barbell deadlift:
    • 125×1 PR!!– I got fed up with sumos, which I hate. This was messy and, as it was pointed out a number of times, really ugly! And there was so much hitching…
  • Rack pulls (axle):
    • 112×5
    • 122×5
    • 127×3
    • 132×2 PR!

And then it was off to Nando’s, obviously!


Christmas Nando’s!

Tuesday 24th – rest

I had to travel from London to Dover, where my mum lives, for Christmas which is usually a fairly straightforward journey (although bloody long considering how close Dover is to London!) But the weather and train companies had other ideas. No trains were running because of fallen trees and other debris on the tracks. The boyfriend met me for lunch and we formulated a plan of action: travel to the other side of London by tube and hope we could get on the high speed train that goes from St Pancras… This train only went as far as Ashford, about 20 miles or so from Dover, which meant mum had to pick us up. She was not happy!

decorated picture of a cat

Mum’s cat had a fair amount to say…

Anyhoo, the gluttony began at breakfast. Before I left home I had a protein muffin and a banana. Once I got to work I had some lebkuchen. And then one of the senior managers bought us all sausage muffins from Leon. Then there were cakes, sushi for lunch, Quality Street for snacks, mince pies and Chinese food for dinner! I waddled to bed knowing more was to come tomorrow…

mince pies

Mother’s mince pies. Yum 🙂

Christmas Day – rest

bucks fizz

My More-Bucks-Than-Fizz Bucks Fizz. I don’t drink so there was only a tiny amount of champagne but still too much! Haha!

family in christmas jumpers

L-R: my sister-in-law, my brother and my mum. I knitted mum’s jumper. It is vile!

Yep. There was much food. And I ate it all. The day ended with me looking like a pregnant woman! But I do love my mum’s cooking and I struggle to resist chocolates when they’re just sitting there…

Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner: I could have eaten more…


The best thing about Christmas: TRIFLE!

The Christmas swag was pretty good too! Despicable Me and Totoro featured fairly heavily. And I got a new set of decent kitchen knives.

collage of christmas presents

Christmas swag

Mum drove us back home that night, and mum and I were going to go shopping in Kingston on Boxing Day. So there wasn’t any training today, but I did lift my boyfriend onto my back and walk around, squat and jump about a bit. I’ve not been able to lift him like that before, let alone move with him on my back, so that’s a real achievement!

piggy back

The closest thing to training on Christmas Day. I had to lift him onto my back: he refused to jump! Quite impressed with myself! Haha!

Boxing Day – rest 

There was shopping. In Kingston. On the day after Christmas… Not really my cup of tea, but it made my mum happy so that’s all that matters.


Starbucks Orange Mocha: needed the fuel for facing the craziness in Kingston-upon-Thames.

Friday 27th – training with Tara and Anna

  • Axle clean and press:
    • 27×5
    • 32×5
    • 37×5
    • 39.5×2, 4, 2
    • 40.5×2
  • Axle cleans (i.e. I failed to press…)
    • 40.5×2
  • Keg press:
    • 17×8
    • 23×5
  • Keg press and run:
    • 2 sets of “running” c. 20m with a 23kg keg, press it over head and repeat 3 more times…
  • Crucifix hold:
    • 5x38secs, 35secs
  • Face pulls:
    • 40×10
    • 45×8, 8

Then when I got home…

  • Bench press (5/3/1 deload)
    • 20×5
    • 23×5
    • 28×5
  • Squat (5/3/1 deload)
    • 35×5
    • 43×5
    • 52×5

…and there was this on my collar bone:

bruise on a collar bone

Ouch. Just ouch! And it was worse the next day!

Saturday 28th – rest

Today I did very little. There was a bit of knitting, a lot of eating and some rugby on TV. My beloved Quins won so all was good.

Sunday 29th – training with Tara and Anna

Pressing again. My bruise, which is a rather worrying deep purple/brown, caused a few issues… *OUCH!*

  • Axle clean and press:
    • 27×5
    • 37×4, 5
    • 40.5×1, 1
    • 34.5×10 (in 76 secs)
  • Axle clean:
    • 43×3 (I thought this was 40.5kg!)
    • 40.5×2, 2
  • Crucifix holds:
    • 5x36secs, 27secs
  • Face pulls:
    • 40×10
    • 45×8, 8
  • Farmer’s holds:
    • 39x20secs
    • 59x15secs
    • 65x38secs
  • Pull ups
    • 3 – just messing around

Brunch. Standard!

Now I’m going to spend the rest of the day crashed on the sofa! I’m exhausted!! Until next week 🙂


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