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5 weeks out and the best training day EVER!

What a week!! Not much training has happened, but the stuff that has was hardcore, particularly Wednesday…! Despite the lack of training, I seem to have a lot to say for myself! Monday 20th January 2014 I’ve been freaking out completely about my deadlift, so I thought I’d book a session with Mike to get my […]

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6 weeks to go! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!

This week saw me freak out a fair bit about the competition, which is now only 6 weeks away. After last Sunday’s mediocre pressing session and my deadlift form, which I’m not going to claim was ever perfect, totally abandoning me, for a few hours on Thursday I actually considered withdrawing from the comp. I […]

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Week 6: fucking shoulders!

I had to have most of this week off training because the tightness in my neck, shoulders and upper back was excruciating! I couldn’t turn my head properly. I couldn’t sleep. It felt like someone had performed the Vulcan Death Grip on me over and over. Basically, I felt like shit on a stick. So […]

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Bulking and all that jazz

Back in September, the boyfriend and I were at the London Double Header rugby match at Twickenham and decided to start bulking. I was around 55.5kg and looked a bit like this: And my back looked a bit like this: A couple of weeks ago, while training with Tara and Anna, the subject of my […]

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Week 5: OK I give in :-(

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all saw in 2014 in a way you enjoy. I spent the evening with the training buddies in my PJs eating chocolate. I was forced to play Monopoly, but other than that it was a lovely evening 😉 We went for breakfast the next day, which was fat-filled but […]