5 weeks out and the best training day EVER!

What a week!! Not much training has happened, but the stuff that has was hardcore, particularly Wednesday…!

Despite the lack of training, I seem to have a lot to say for myself!

Monday 20th January 2014

I’ve been freaking out completely about my deadlift, so I thought I’d book a session with Mike to get my technique looked at. Recently, it’s all gone horribly wrong! My shoulders keep rounding; my knees aren’t bent enough; I’m leading with my bum…

Mike thinks it may be a confidence issue. I think he might be right. I’m pretty certain I’m thinking too much and talking myself out of the lift. It’s so fucking frustrating. Yes, the 125kg deadlift I did a few weeks ago was uglier than Frankenstein’s monster, but I don’t think I could get anything near that much off the floor right now.

Anyone want to give me a slap?!?!

Mike also got me doing grip work with the axle and some dumbbells. My hands were fucked!! I decided to end my workout once my hour was up and cycled home.

Tuesday 21st January 2014

Beautiful, beautiful rest day. I didn’t even get on the bike today. All in preparation for Wednesday. So excited… Managed to keep all this down though:


Chilli and lebkuchen. But not at the same time

Chilli and lebkuchen. But not at the same time

Wednesday 22nd January 2014

I was up so early! The excitement wouldn’t let me sleep any longer. Today was the day. Today, I was going to meet one of my heroes and he was going to train me at his gym in Swindon. Yes, I was going to train with 2 times Britain’s Strongest Man, Laurence Shahlaei!

This was a Christmas present from the boyfriend. I invited the training buddies along, we took the day off work and made a day of it. They met up for breakfast beforehand – I wasn’t going to travel all the way to Clapham just to come back this way – but I wasn’t prepared to be outdone.


3 scrambled eggs, 3 rashers of bacon, 2 sausages, an English muffin and Bircher muesli. Stuffed

We got to the gym a bit early and were horrified that they didn’t have any foam rollers!! We were then confronted with the girliest changing rooms I have ever seen.

group selfie

Manning up the girlie changing rooms with some flexing

Laurence arrived and explained to us how the 2 hour session was going to pan out: the first half would focus on gym strength and power; the second would be events stuff.

He had us pressing overhead first using just the barbell and some bands. I felt ridiculous as I struggled. 😦 Once the bands came off though, it felt like I was going to throw the barbell through the roof, and eventually pressed 45kg. Not too shabby.

Deadlifts followed and I lifted 100kg fairly easily (note – he didn’t want us to go too heavy as he didn’t want us to be knackered by the time the tyre came out!). I was so focused on not rounding my shoulders that I was a bit slow off the floor. Ah well, it’ll come together, right?! Then there were squats. I didn’t go deep enough. I was annoyed with myself. Pants!! 😦

But then came the fun stuff.

300kg Tyre Flip
140kg Yoke
75kg (per hand) Farmer’s Walk

And then there was the fangirl bit:

group photo

Hanging out with Big Loz


He even signed my uber-cutesy notebook!

It really was a great day. We worked really fucking hard and got really stuck in. To feed the sugar need, I treated myself to tiffin as a post-workout snack #healthy!


Tiffin and green tea

Thursday 23rd January 2014

Everything hurts. Everything. *sobs*

These were waiting for me at work though, so that cheered me up 😉

weightlifting shoes

Adidas Powerlift. So pretty!

Friday 24th January 2014

I decided to have another rest day today. Everything still hurts, but I’m a bit more mobile. Still, not mobile enough to cycle 15 miles or lift anything heavier than my bag.

I came home to the heaviest thing that only weighs 30kg ever! This little box contains 30x1kg blocks to fill a weighted vest and it is the most awkward thing to pick up. Give me a 30kg log or axle any time!

weighted vest collage

I can’t believe this is only 30kg. The box is a killer to pick up!

Saturday 25th January 2014

Fuck me! Super-girl training KILLED me today. Other than getting the big motherfucking tyre over twice without rest, I struggled through this session and the 45kg farmer’s walk felt heavier than the 75kg I did on Wednesday!

This evening, we dragged Tara to get piercings for her birthday. I worked as a piercer when I was at university so already have a lot of piercings, but I managed to find space in my ear for one more…

pierced ear

My right ear. Must not sleep on my right side for a while…

As always with us, a lot of food followed. Tonight, Cabana provided the feast.

more food

Spicy Malagueta Chicken skewers and sweet potato fries

frozen yoghurt

Doce de leite frozen yoghurt, crushed Oreos and pacoquinha (Brazilian peanut candy)

Sunday 26th January 2014

Normal Sunday pressing day today except we had someone new train with us today. We wanted to give keg pressing a go again but wanted it to actually be 30kg. I thought maybe my new weighted vest might go round it, so I jumped on my bike this morning with an extra 7kg strapped to me.

This hurt. 7kg really isn’t that much, but cycling in the wind and rain for 30 minutes with it restricting your breathing slightly isn’t pleasant. And then we couldn’t use it because it wouldn’t fit on the keg!! Oh well, extra conditioning work, right?!

So to training:

  • Axle clean and press:
    • 27kgx5
    • 32kgx5
    • 37kgx5, 5
    • 39.5kgx3
    • 32kgx10 (75secs)
  • Log clean and press
    • 30kgx5
    • 35kgx2, 3
    • 40kgx1 PR!!
  • External rotation
    • 2kgx10, 10, 10
  • Internal rotation
    • 2kgx10, 10, 10
  • Crucifix
    • 6kgx20 seconds, 23 seconds
  • Face pulls
    • 40kgx10
    • 45kgx8, 8

And that’s it. I’m sure you’re bored stiff now. Hey ho! 😉

Until next Sunday 🙂



  1. samanthaangela · · Reply

    That workout with Laurence sounds really sweet!
    I would have loved to have gotten to train with someone like that.

  2. […] next stage of birthday celebrations began nice and early with a trip to Doncaster to watch me ol’ mucker Loz and the other top British guys battle it out at Britain’s Strongest […]

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