2 weeks. I want to vomit…

This week I have mostly been feeling shit.

Monday 10th February 2014

Rest day today as I could barely move after yesterday’s Atlas stones and I definitely couldn’t deadlift! Being the delicate little peach that I am, these are this week’s war wounds:


Tara and I went out for dinner though (it was her birthday). I took her to such a classy establishment…


Whole chicken, sweet potato mash and rabbit food…

Followed by:

frozen yoghurt

Unlimited chocolate frozen yoghurt

Tuesday 11th February 2014

Making up for not training yesterday. I had intended on keeping it light, but I’m an idiot and just went for it!

  • Axle deadlifts (sumo)
    • 50kgx5
    • 60kgx3
    • 70kgx3
    • 80kgx3
    • 90kgx3
    • 100kgx1
    • 110kgx1
    • 120kgx0, 1, 0
  • Deficit deadlifts
    • 60kgx5
    • 80kgx5
    • 90kgx3
    • 100kgx1, 1
  • Chin ups
    • 4, 4, 3
  • Cable pull throughs
    • 50kgx8
    • 55kgx8
    • 60kgx8

Dinner was thrown together, but was fucking gorgeous. I really need to think ahead so I’m not faced with the dinner dilemma after training…

Chicken and bacon pasta - sauce made from mashed avocado and cottage cheese

Chicken and bacon pasta – sauce made from mashed avocado and cottage cheese

Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th February 2014

It’s official: I am dying! I HAVE MAN FLU! Yes, I know I’m female, but it really is Man Flu. Don’t worry though. I have Day Nurse and Night Nurse, and Echinachea. And I’m resting up. I’ll get through this. Don’t worry…

Friday 14th February 2014

Valentine’s Day. The most ridiculous Hallmark holiday of the year. So I spent my evening squatting! I’ve still got Man Flu but being the brave little soldier that I am, I decided to work through it.

  • Barbell squats
    • 20kgx10, 10
    • 40kgx5
    • 50kgx5
    • 60kgx3 for 6 sets
  • Pause squats – pause for 3 seconds in the bottom position
    • 40kgx5 for 5 sets
  • Glute Ham Raises
    • 8, 8, 8
  • Dips
    • 5, 5, 5
  • Cable woodchoppers
    • 15kgx10 for 3 sets

Oh. and apparently Friday is #FlexFriday. I made my first contribution…



Saturday 8th February 2014 (2 weeks until Britain’s Strongest Woman!)

Super-Girl Training was BRUTAL!

Round 1: 30 seconds Strongman exercise, 30 seconds one-arm kettlebell swings, 30 seconds rest

Round 2: the same, but only 20 seconds

To kill us off at the end: 2 times through a relay using some of the equipment (*)

  • Battle ropes*
  • Reverse sled drag*: sled + 60kg (about 72kg)
  • Sledgehammer
  • Dumbbell to shoulder* (alternating sides)
  • Yoke*: 40kg added (about 80kg total)
  • Prowler push*: 40kg added (about 70kg)

I don’t think this would have been particularly pleasant if I’d felt 100%, but as I was still dying from the Man Flu, this was particularly vomit-inducing!

I spent the rest of the day being crafty. I’ll post pictures once I’ve given the fruits of my labours have been handed to the luck recipients šŸ˜‰

Oh and eating, obviously!


Spicy chipotle chicken, sweet potato crisps, cottage cheese, avocado and a mountain of green veggies. This was lunch. Dinner was spaghetti bolognese.

Sunday 16th February 2014

Today was another stones session. This meant a late lunch before that bitch was (meant to be) mine!

Swordfish, lentils, chorizo and spinach.

Swordfish, lentils, chorizo and spinach.

I bought some tubigrip and ducktape to protect my arms.

Didn't want a repeat of last week, so I decided to sport these sexy little numbers!

Didn’t want a repeat of last week, so I decided to sport these sexy little numbers!

  • Atlas Stones – 53kg
    • I still haven’t got the stupid fucking thing to my shoulder. And now I’m depressed!
  • Tyre flip
    • 130kgx7, 6
    • Went for the big one – about 250kg – and couldn’t shift it. Now I’m convinced the Laurence Shahlaei tyre wasn’t 300kg šŸ˜¦
I do exactly what it says on my jumper...

I do exactly what it says on my jumper…sometimes

So that’s it. Another week where I’ve ended up feeling a bit shit. ARGH! Confidence! Why have you forsaken me?!


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