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Events training, Wonder Woman and no eggs rancheros!

This week, I am back into proper training, with the next competition only 5 weeks away: England’s Strong Women Championship London and Northern Counties Qualifier at New Spartan Gym in Watford on Saturday 26th April. The events are: 100kg deadlift for reps (in 60 seconds?) 35kg log floor to overhead for reps (in 60 seconds?) […]

Do I have to start training again?!?!

Usually I freak out at the idea of having a week off. Deload weeks I can handle, but not touching a weight at all for a whole week? That’s crazy talk! That said, I have thoroughly enjoyed my rest this week. Obviously I really needed it. I know that once I get started again on […]

Mark Felix

Competition 2…

What a week to be ill! Competition number 2 is within sniffing distance (I’ve been doing a lot of sniffing this week) and my body’s decided it doesn’t want to play any more! There’s been very little training this week. I’ve just been desperately trying to get well enough so I can put in a […]

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Oh bloody hell! Comp number 2 is only a week away!!

Having woken up on Sunday feeling remarkably human, I was expecting to feel like a bus had hit me on Monday. I’d arranged to work from home so I wouldn’t have to get my sorry ass to and from work. I’m glad I did. I didn’t feel quite as bad as I was expecting, but […]

It’s all over and I didn’t embarrass myself!

So here we are: comp week already! How did this happen?! As I’m sure you can appreciate, I was fucking bricking it this week. Add to this the stress of weighing in, and I was a mess. So here we go: my pre-comp week! Monday 24th February 2014 Today was a rest day. My body […]