Oh bloody hell! Comp number 2 is only a week away!!

Having woken up on Sunday feeling remarkably human, I was expecting to feel like a bus had hit me on Monday. I’d arranged to work from home so I wouldn’t have to get my sorry ass to and from work. I’m glad I did. I didn’t feel quite as bad as I was expecting, but I was grateful for the comfort of home!

Hello Kitty bus

Hello Kitty bus. What a bus to be hit by!

Training was meant to be fairly light this week, as you would expect, but I just can’t help myself! Especially as comp number 2 is so close. Here’s a rundown of my first post-comp week.

Monday 3rd March

Rest day. As I was working from home, I didn’t even have the walking I do as part of my commute. By lunch time I was itching to get out of the flat, so I took a walk to the local shop. That was enough.

Tuesday 4th March

Feeling like a bit of a fatty after my constant bingeing since Saturday, I hit the spin bike and did a 20 minute Tabata-style interval session before work.

That said, it didn’t stop me from stuffing my face with peanut butter and Nutella pancakes for Pancake Day!


Peanut butter and Nutella pancakes with a hot chocolate. Nutrition plan is going well…

Wednesday 5th March

Another Tabata-style interval session before work today (because I’m an idiot – why can’t I just allow myself to rest!)

I promised myself, and my training buddies, that I wouldn’t lift anything until today. So once I finished work, I hit the home gym and tried to deadlift. It did not go well. I wouldn’t have done this if I didn’t have another competition so soon after Britain’s Strongest Woman, and I could tell that I really could’ve done with more rest. Hey ho.

Here’s what I did:

  • Deadlift:
    • 60kgx5
    • 70kgx5
    • 80kgx5
    • 90kgx5
    • 100kgx1, 1
  • Squat
    • 20kgx10
    • 40kgx5
    • 50kgx5
    • 60kgx5, 5, 5
  • Pull ups
    • 4, 3, 3 – I have got to do more of these!!
  • Bent over barbell rows
    • 20kgx10
    • 30kgx10
    • 40kgx8

Thursday 6th March

Back in the gym again this evening for a bench session. I warmed up by having to carry 60kg of Olympic plates and chains from the front door of the building to my flat because it was “too heavy” for the delivery guy. Seriously?! Good job I’m fairly strong!!


Two 10kg chains, our new babies. But too heavy for the delivery guy!!

My bench session was fairly short:

  • Bench press
    • 20kgx10
    • 30kgx8
    • 40kgx5, 5, 5
  • Dips
    • 8, 8, 7
  • Decline close-grip bench press
    • 20kgx10
    • 30kgx8
    • 35kgx5, 5, 5

The boyfriend and I then treated ourselves to the bleep test. And not just a standard bleep test, oh no! We did it whilst wearing a 10kg vest!

I still have a cough and a cold (yes, I know. Why am I doing all of this when I’m ill? Why won’t I let myself get better?!), which I blame for my utterly shocking performance! Without the vest I got to Level 4.6. With the vest, I managed 3.3 and 3.2. Dismal!

My cardio fitness has definitely taken a hit since I stopped cycling to work every day! Pants!

Friday 7th March

Another rest day. I could get used to this! Nothing particularly exciting happened so I don’t really know why I’m still typing.

Here’s a picture of my dinner:


Sticky ribs in a tomato sauce, oven baked chips and apple coleslaw. All homemade. Yum.

Saturday 8th March

I got up and got ready for Super-girl Training, but I had to cancel because I couldn’t stop coughing and this fucking cold just won’t budge! I had an Atlas stones session organised for the afternoon (in preparation for the next competition) which I really needed to do, so something had to give. Sorry Ben 😦

Anyway, the day was glorious and I decided to actually get on the bike and cycle to Mike’s. There he was, white spirit at the ready.

We started with a 30kg stone which went up pretty easily. Once I’d got the technique down, we moved onto the 40kg stone. More difficult, yes, but still manageable. We did a timed round and I managed 5 reps in 60 seconds. Let’s hope that I can do more than that next Sunday…

The 50kg stone wasn’t happening. It was bigger generally and I struggled to get my arms round it. Bollocks. Let’s hope the stone on Sunday is a more manageable size otherwise I’m screwed! I tried using tacky. I can see how it would help if I was trying to load the stones, but I really did not enjoy trying to unstick my hands from a 50kg lump of concrete that was moving quickly towards my face. No tacky then!

bruised shoulder

Atlas stones are evil #1. At least the right side of my collar bone is getting some bruise action now!


Atlas stones are evil #2. Although, this “rash” isn’t as bad as my last Atlas stone “rash”

We then tried some standing rope pulls. The quick arm-over-arm technique didn’t work for me as I needed to use my whole body to make the weight move. On comp day I might be able to use the arm-over-arm method, but the description “prowler + 10kg (on a grippy floor so harder than it sounds)” isn’t particularly easy to interpret. We’ll just have to see.

Mike got me deadlifting too. I managed 100kg for reps, so I feel less anxious about it now.

Sunday 9th March

Normal training with Anna this morning at Physical Culture. I do love routine! No axle today, but here’s the lowdown:

  • Barbell clean and press:
    • 20kgx5
    • 30kgx5
    • 35kgx5
    • 40kgx5, 4
  • Barbell push press with bands:
    • 20kgx5 (no bands)
    • 20kgx5, 5
    • 22.5kgx6
    • 26kgx5, 5
  • Seated dumbbell shoulder press:
    • 5kgx10
    • 10kgx8, 8
  • Face pulls:
    • 40kgx10
    • 45kgx8, 8
  • Breakfast…

Rancheros! How I have missed you!!!

And after our epic (!!) training session and our epic breakfast, there was epic retail therapy where Paperchase robbed me of £22 of my hard earned cash. Bit I got some amazing things! Look!!!

unicorn pen

Unicorn pen. My reward for, erm, waking in up in time for training?!?!

Next week will definitely need to be light so I can get through the whole of comp #2. I am never doing 2 competitions in such close succession again. Oh well. It’s all experience.

I’m off to write a shopping list of food I need for next Sunday. Can’t crash again!!!

Have a good week 🙂 xx


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