Competition 2…

What a week to be ill! Competition number 2 is within sniffing distance (I’ve been doing a lot of sniffing this week) and my body’s decided it doesn’t want to play any more!

There’s been very little training this week. I’ve just been desperately trying to get well enough so I can put in a fair performance on Sunday. But more about that later.

I won’t go through every day explaining how ill I’ve felt – there’s only so much interest anyone can muster in reading “I was so ill I went to bed at 6.30pm…” – but I’ll just mention some of the exciting things that have happened this week.

Thursday 13th March

Having taken Wednesday off sick (and seeing the doctor who gave me antibiotics), I dragged my sorry arse into work because I’d arranged an afternoon tea with some of my friends from work. I coughed and spluttered my way through the day and was rewarded with a mountain of cake!



On my way home, I was chatting with Mike who asked me what training I’d been doing in the run up to the competition (since I’d had my atlas stone session with him last Saturday). Apart from Sunday pressing, I’d done nothing because I was too ill (yeah, alright we know!!!). “Nothing?!?!” he said. “You should do something…” Which of course freaked me out and saw me deadlifting and floor to overhead pressing on a cakey-full stomach at 9pm. My training buddies were not impressed…

Friday 14th March

I’m on holiday next week, so of course my last day of work dragged! I left bang on 5pm so I could get myself to Extreme Needle for a tattoo consultation.

My chosen tattooist, Jairo, was like an excited kid when I told him what I wanted and showed him the pictures I wanted to base it on. He did some sketches and then drew up a final design. It’s amazing! I’m not going to tell you anymore until I get it done. My first appointment is on Tuesday next week. I am so fucking excited.

I went out for pizza with one of the training buddies that evening and grabbed gelato for the walk back to the station. It’s a good job I haven’t got to worry about making weight considering what I’ve eaten recently…


The pizza…


…and the dessert!

Saturday 15th March

The next stage of birthday celebrations began nice and early with a trip to Doncaster to watch me ol’ mucker Loz and the other top British guys battle it out at Britain’s Strongest Man.


The stage is set for a farmer’s walk battle royale!

We ended up having really good seats – right by the start line and the athletes’ seating. I managed to pounce on Terry Hollands, another of my heroes competing.

Terry Hollands

Me and El Tel 🙂

We saw some truly amazing feats. I’ve got a lot of them on video but haven’t had chance to edit them and move them from my phone – there are about 50 of them and it’s going to take time!!!

It was a great day when our favourite (Loz) lost his title to the outstanding Eddie Halls. Last year, Eddie seemed to be really good at the overhead stuff and struggled with the other stuff. He’d clearly worked on his speed and mobility because he smashed pretty much every event (except Conan’s Wheel, which Ben Kelsey killed!!!). Loz came third and Graham Hicks second: an all-English 1, 2, 3. Terry came fourth.

Sadly, we didn’t get to catch up with Loz, but I did manage to grab Mark Felix for a photo. The man’s a legend. I wish I could deadlift half as well as he can.

Mark Felix

The bulldozer-backed Mark Felix. Legend in a kilt!

Sunday 16th March

So today’s the day. Competition 2. London’s Strongest Novice. I was competing in the U75kg class so wasn’t one of the biggest this time round. It was good not having to worry about my weight though. I couldn’t have coped with that stress too! Although, I almost had a heart attack when I weighed in at 70.3kg. And after taking a couple of items of clothing off, weighing even more at 70.7kg! Turns out Mike had his foot on the scale too! Damn him! Haha!

So here are the videos from the day.

Event 1: 100kg deadlift for reps (60secs)
Event 2: 40kg floor to overhead for reps (60secs)
Event 3: 35kg/45kg atlas stone, floor to shoulder for reps (60secs)
Event 4: arm over arm prowler pull
Event 5: 5kg per hand side hold

So, where did I place you ask…

I CAME THIRD!!! That’s right. THIRD! I had no idea I was doing so well throughout the competition and felt so down on myself. When Mike told me I was going into the last event, the one I was most confident about, in third place (he’d done some digging) I knew I had to just hold on for more than a minute. Which I did. And BOOM! Just like Loz the day before. 3 really is the magic number.

3 is the magic number

3 is the magic number

I was the lightest of the top 3 so I’m pretty proud of myself competing against bigger girls. The winner was a CrossFitter, but we won’t go into my thoughts about CrossFit…

Thankfully, my next competition isn’t until 26th April so I’ve got a bit of time to get myself ready. Let’s hope this cough and cold have fucked off by then!

Sorry for being a bit late with this post. I know it’s the highlight of your week 😉 I’m having a week off training completely next week so my post will probably be about birthday presents and tattoos. Normal service will resume the week after, promise!!!


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