Do I have to start training again?!?!

Usually I freak out at the idea of having a week off. Deload weeks I can handle, but not touching a weight at all for a whole week? That’s crazy talk!

That said, I have thoroughly enjoyed my rest this week. Obviously I really needed it. I know that once I get started again on Saturday (with modified Strongman training) I will be hooked, but I’ve loved being lazy.

You might be wondering why I’m bothering to blog if I haven’t really done anything. Well, if I don’t blog then I’ll get out of the habit, and I really like boring you with my ramblings 😉 And, you know, my life doesn’t just revolve around training…honest!

Monday 17th March

My birthday! Woohoo!

I got some cracking pressies. The Boyfriend bought me the most amazing thing EVER: a Totoro onesie!

I never thought I'd love being given a onesie, but I guess there is a onesie out there for everyone!!

I never thought I’d love being given a onesie, but I guess there is a onesie out there for everyone!!

And mum bought me unicorn PJs. These people know me so bloody well! Haha!

Yes. I actually love these. I'm a child!

Yes. I actually love these. I’m a child!

Then there was dinner. To be honest, I haven’t had much of an appetite since the competition, but I still keep eating massive meals and snacks! Birthday dinner was no exception. I ate all of this…

Dinner at Urban Diner - BBQ ribs, sweet potato fries and coleslaw. Happy :-)

Dinner at Urban Diner – BBQ ribs, sweet potato fries and coleslaw. Happy 🙂

frozen yoghurt

Pudding – salted caramel frozen yoghurt with peanut M&Ms and Oreos. GLUTTONY!!!

Tuesday 18th March

I woke up today feeling so nervous. More nervous than I did for the comps. Today was the day I was getting tattooed. I would be branded with Totoro for the rest of my life! Haha!

The tattooist said (on Friday) it would probably take about 6 hours. I was prepared to do it all in one sitting, despite everyone telling me not to be stupid. We started an hour late but by 3pm the outline was complete, and after a break, the background was done by 4.30pm. So I have a half finished tattoo on my arm which you can still see my old tattoo through. Next appointment is on 5th April and I can’t wait. Shame it couldn’t all be done in one go as I’m not enjoying the healing process, but I totally understand his reasoning.

Wednesday 19th March

Ah! No alarm clock. A lie in! Bliss!! I really needed this super lazy day as I’m totally exhausted. I did have to make myself look human though and face the world for an evening out with the training buddies: Anna arranged a trip to the new cat cafe in London. Totally worth moving from the sofa for! Thanks Anna!!

afternoon tea

The birthday gluttony continues!

I was hoping to get lots of cuddles but the cats had clearly had enough of humans by this time! Haha! They were mostly asleep.


Just one of the 11 adorable, but sleepy, kitties.

All of the cats were so gorgeous. There was one little black one that I wanted to put in my bag and bring home, but alas!

Thursday 20th March

I did nothing except knit and eat. I am that crazy!

Friday 21st March

I did actually leave the house today for lunch with a friend – I even cycled there – but basically I did nothing again.

I got a couple more birthday presents from The Boyfriend too. Check ’em out!

Totoro slippers

The “shoes” to go with my sexy Totoro onesie! Hot!

Totoro tights

These are not my legs. Thankfully my legs are not this skinny.

Saturday 22nd March

I haven’t been to Super-girl Training since 15th February, and cardio, generally, has been a low priority as I’ve needed to conserve the little energy I’ve had recently for lifting.

SGT made me feel like someone was squeezing my lungs so I couldn’t breathe properly. Add the 10 miles of cycling I did, by the time I got home I felt giddy and unwell! I was going to cycle to my hair appointment, but I could trust myself not to fall off!

So what had me feeling so crappy (other than my general lack of cardio fitness…)? Ben had us working in threes. One of us was at the work station, one of us was at the squat (to a medicine ball) station and the other rested. 30 seconds at each station and twice through these 5 exercises:

  • 25kg (per hand) Farmers walk
  • Tyre flips
  • Battle ropes
  • 70kg prowler push using both high and low handles
  • 75kg sled drag

I have not felt so out of shape in such a long time. I have got a lot of work to do. Goddamit!! 😦

Sunday 23rd March

My first proper training session since the comp and, yeah, I enjoyed it. It was so good having both the training buddies back. Sunday is always pressing day and it made a nice change not to head straight to the axle. The next comp has a max reps log press so that’s going to be my focus for the next 5 weeks.

Today’s training looked like this:

  • Log clean and press:
    • 30kgx5, 5, 5, 5
    • 30kgx10 (max reps in 60 seconds)
  • Push jerk with bands:
    • 20kgx5 (no bands)
    • 20kgx5
    • 22.5kgx5
    • 25kgx5
    • 27.5kgx5
    • 30kgx2, 2
  • Seated dumbbell shoulder press:
    • 10kgx8, 8,7
  • Face pulls:
    • 40kgx10
    • 45kgx8, 8
  • Dips:
    • 7, 5
    • +5kgx2

Tara is a big fan of Lululemon. I have never understood why anyone would want to pay that amount of money for something you would only wear in the gym. To convert me, Tara bought me a pair of Lulu pants for my birthday! So here I am, rocking my Lulus. I still don’t understand the fuss though! Haha!

Me in my Lulus. There is weight on that bar. And bands!

Me in my Lulus. There is weight on that bar. And bands!

As predicted, I’m now looking forward to getting stuck in to training. I’m not looking forward to the weighted sprints I’ve got to do though. *vomits*

Hope you have a good week xx



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