Monthly Archives: April 2014

Competition 3 disappointment and other whining…

So here we are! Competition week, and as you can imagine, it’s been full of stress, worry and nervousness. Much of the stress I’ve felt has been about my weight. After last week’s success, my weight has really fluctuated, which has caused me to become even more irrational and obsessive! So, be prepared for me […]

One week to go and I’m crapping myself!

Tired beyond belief this week, but thank fuck it’s only a four-day week this week, oh and next week! The competition fear has also started to settle in. I really want to qualify for the finals, and after last Sunday’s epic pressing fail, I just don’t know whether it’s really feasible! In terms of making […]

2 weeks until comp 3: when will the panic set in?

How many more posts are going to start “well, it’s not been a particularly exciting week”? Well, this is another one! Sorry!! There’s only two weeks until the next comp, but I really don’t feel like it’s actually happening. I’m training for it really hard, but I don’t feel that blind panic that I did […]


Training as usual and a massive tattoo!

This week hasn’t been particularly exciting except I had my tattoo finished on Saturday and it is AWESOME!! Pictures and details of the excruciating pain come later. In other, less exciting, news, I managed to lose 700g (1.5lbs) by watching what I ate, but I still need to lose another 1.5-2kg (about 4lbs) before 26th […]