Monthly Archives: May 2014

Breaking Bad, Godzilla, Nando’s, Chicken Wings and Oreos. Oh, and training…

Welcome to another week of me eating a load of shit (my diet really needs sorting…) and training for a comp that might kill me! Haha. This week has felt incredibly long and I’ve been really grumpy. Thankfully, once I’ve got through this week, there is a long Bank Holiday weekend, so I can have […]

Training, training, training. Oh, and a personal victory!

Well, not long now! The comp is within sniffing distance and I still haven’t tried pulling a van! Oh well. That’s probably the least of my worries. Or maybe it’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’ll see. This comp is going to be my last one for a while: it seems utterly ridiculous that […]

Recovery, gluttony and it all starts again…

Hello!! I decided not to bother you with ramblings about fuck all last week. I didn’t train at all so apart from the mountain of food I ate, there wasn’t much to tell.  Don’t worry though, I’ll give you a brief summary of that gluttony in this post!!  Last week… Last week, I mostly ate burgers […]