Monthly Archives: June 2014

Der Schweiz and back to reality!

Switzerland was amazing: seven days of clean air and amazing views, but also, sadly, really fatty food! Everything I ate was either smothered in a creamy sauce or fried, and vegetables were almost impossible to get hold of. When I did manage to get my hands on a few salad leaves or a carrot, they […]

I just couldn’t help myself. I had to write something…!

So I wasn’t going to blog this week as I wasn’t intending on training, but I needed to send some videos of my big lifts to my online coach before I head off on holiday, so I thought I’d just write up a quick summary of my rest week. This week is also the first […]

Going head-to-head with my training buddy…

Here we are then. Competition week. Time to rest and eat. Eating’s the easy bit. The resting, not so much. There’s not much to really tell you apart from the small matter of my fourth competition in three months. So what happened? Oh, I came second. But more about that later… This week, I also […]

PBs, van pulls, Oreos and holy fuck! 1 week until the comp!

Time is flying by. How the hell is it June already? I can’t believe that instead of putting the finishing touches to my blog this time next week I’ll be pulling vans, deadlifting cars, tossing kegs and all kinds of other stupid stuff. Despite doing this comp for fun and the photo opportunities, I’m still […]