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powerlifting collage

WOOHOO!! I qualified for the British Classic in September!

Yesterday, I competed in my first Powerlifting competition: the London Clubs comp at Bethnal Green. I needed a total of 225kg to qualify for the British Classic in September, which I got with 20kg to spare! A 85kg squat, 55kg bench press and 110kg deadlift gave me a total of 245kg. As always, the u63kg […]

Powerlifting comp #1: t-minus 1 week!

I promised you a more interesting blog post this week, but alas it looks like I’m going to fail. What with work and training 6 days a week, I don’t feel like I have much time to do anything exciting every week. I’m getting on! I need my rest time!! This week is my last […]

Yet another dull post. Sorry!

This week’s post really is going to be minimalist. Other than training, I’ve done absolutely nothing. My new programme, which is incredibly high in volume, has knackered me out a bit!! Sunday 6 July My new programme says I should do overhead pressing on a Wednesday, but it suits me more to do it on […]

The new programme of DOMS!

Ah, what a week.  I don’t have anything to follow that up with. Sorry. I was trying to make everything sound exciting… This week has been long and tiring, and I think I need to start taking ZMA again to help me with my sleep.  I won’t bang on about nothing. Here’s training: Sunday 29 […]