I’m stupid and I feel like shit!

This week, I have mostly been eating, making up for the weeks of freaking out about my weight etc. It’s also been a bit of a funny week of training. I train 6 days a week, but this week I had to condense everything into 4 days and move stuff around. That alone was fucking exhausting!!

Sunday 27 July

I was expecting to feel pretty crappy today because of the heat from yesterday (rather than the lifting, although I was expecting some soreness), but I actually felt pretty human. I enjoyed having a day of doing nothing though. And eating. Ice cream. Oops…

Oops. I've lost control!

Oops. I’ve lost control! I ate all of this, on my own!!

Monday 28 July

Because I wasn’t feeling particularly bad or anything, I decided to go and squat. Probably a mistake as 72.5kg felt like the heaviest thing in the world. I got through it though! Haha!

  • Squats:
    • 20kg x 10
    • 40kg x 5
    • 50kg x 5
    • 60kg x 5
    • 72.5kg x 3 (x 6 sets)
  • Box squats:
    • 65kg x 5 (x 3 sets)
  • Romanian deadlifts:
    • 40kg x 8
    • 50kg x 8
    • 60kg x 8 (x 3 sets)
  • Narrow grip pulldowns:
    • #6 x 12
    • #7 x 10, 8
    • #8 x 6
    • #9 x 4
  • Face pulls:
    • 30kg x 20 (x 5 sets)
  • Clams
    • 2 sets of 12 on each side

Tuesday 29 July

Despite yesterday’s not-too-brilliant session, I did a fuck load today. I was definitely feeling a bit more energetic though and even did some conditioning/intervals to get the heart rate up and the lungs and heart working.

  • Bench press:
    • 20kg x 10
    • 30kg x 5
    • 35kg x 5
    • 37.5kg x 5 (x 5 sets)
  • Dumbbell bench press:
    • 25lb x 8 (x 3 sets)
  • Dips:
    • 5 (x 4 sets)
  • SUPERSET – band pushdowns/band kickbacks; 2 second pause at lockout:
    • purple band (23kg resistance)/yellow band (16kg resistance) x 12
    • red band (27kg resistance)/yellow band (16kg resistance) x 12 (x 3 sets)
  • Shrugs:
    • 60kg x 5 (x 5 sets)
  • Plank:
    • 60 seconds x 3
  • Side plank:
    • 60 seconds x 2 per side
  • Conditioning:
    • Tabata-style intervals for 20 minutes (20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest x 8, 1 minute rest; complete 4 times)
      • 17″ box jumps
      • 12kg double arm kettlebell swing
      • high knees
      • mountain climbers
  • 15 minutes of foam rolling; 15 minutes of stretching

Wednesday 30 July

Today was meant to just be overhead stuff, and squat was meant to be on Thursday, but I’m going out with my work colleagues after a team away day so won’t be able to train when I get home – it’ll be too late – and there is no way I’m squatting at 6.30am!

  • Squats – testing my 5RM:
    • 20kg x 10
    • 40kg x 5
    • 50kg x 5
    • 60kg x 5
    • 70kg x 5
    • 75kg x 3
  • Bodyweight squats with purple band wrapped around knees twice:
    • 8 (x 4 sets)
  • Side lunges
    • 12kg kettlebell x 10 (x 4 sets)
  • Seated shoulder press:
    • 20kg x 10
    • 25kg x 9
    • 22.5kg x 10 (x 2 sets)
  • SUPERSET – inverted band row/low band row
    • bar + blue bands (36kg resistance)/red band (27kg resistance) x 12/8 (x 4 sets)
  • SUPERSET – front raises/lat raises:
    • 4kg x 20/20 (x 2 sets)

Thursday 31 July

Rest day, and isn’t it fucking welcome. It was a good job I had a fairly substantial breakfast…



…as the lunch that was provided  at the team day was awful: all bread with a ridiculous amount of mayonnaise. Why do people do that?!?!

The team day was based on the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator. Usually, I think this kind of stuff is a load of bollocks, but some of this did ring true. Some people find it difficult to understand that I really don’t like going out and partying. I much prefer quiet time and being on my own. Sometimes I just don’t want to be around other people. I’ve always worried that this made me a bad person because I didn’t want to socialise with my friends all the time. But it turns out it’s because I’m an introvert: I recharge and energise internally.

What I also like about this test is that people have put together charts like the one below which tell you which character you are from films or TV shows. I’m an INTJ, which apparently makes me evil: I’m Mr Burns in The Simpsons; Magneto from X-Men; Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars… OK, so I’m not always evil. Apparently I’m also Princess Celestia from My Little Pony; Seven of Nine from Star Trek Voyager; Sheeta from Laputa: Castle in the Sky…

Bullshit or an element of truth?

Bullshit or an element of truth?

The week definitely caught up with me and I felt like shit today! Thank fuck I didn’t have to lift!!

Friday 1 August

Ah, but I had to lift today 😦 I should’ve taken more rest days after the competition. It clearly took more out of me than I realised! Still managed to do some cardio though!

  • Bench (+ bands):
    • 20kg x 10 (no bands)
    • 20kg + red bands (27kg resistance) x 5
    • 30kg + red bands x 5
    • 35kg + red bands x 5
    • 40kg + red bands x 2 (x 5 sets)
  • Floor press:
    • 20kg x 10
    • 30kg x 8 (x 4)
  • Skull crushers (weight added to stack – stack is about 15kg, I think…):
    • +0 x 12
    • +5kg x 12
    • +6kg x 10
    • +7kg x 8
    • +8kg x 6
    • +9kg x 4
  • Rear delt fly:
    • 4kg x 20 (x 4 sets)
  • Clams:
    • 12 (x 4)
  •  Conditioning:
    • Tabata-style intervals for 20 minutes (20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest x 8, 1 minute rest; complete 4 times)
      • 17″ box jumps
      • mountain climbers
      • 1-arm KB swing (7.5kg) left arm
      • 1-arm KB swing (7.5kg) right arm
  • 15 minutes of stretching

Saturday 2 August

Today, I finally got my post-comp burger and ice cream!



Not that I actually deserved any ice cream after eating the whole tub on Sunday!! But hey, The Boyfriend and I shared this piece of magic!

Thank you Ben & Jerry's. Thank you!!

Thank you Ben & Jerry’s. Thank you!!

Today was a rest day and I was definitely fuelling for tomorrow: I’m attending a Powerlifting Workshop run by Andy Bolton (the first person to deadlift 1000lbs) and Benedikt Magnusson (the current world record holder for the deadlift). I’m hoping for a PB or two!

This post kind of reflects just how shitty I’ve felt this week. Oh well, at least I’ve got something to write about next week: the Powerlifting seminar AND Europe’s Strongest Man!! Woohoo! My money’s on Benni for the deadlift championship!!


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