Post-comp laziness and epic (?!) new goals

I came down from my comp high pretty quickly as all the junk food I stuffed in my face took its toll and I seized up like I was a 92-year-old woman! Getting out of bed on Sunday (and Monday…and Tuesday for that matter!) was uncomfortable and depressing. Ridiculous considering there were only really nine lifts on Saturday!! I’ve mentioned once or twice (or a hundred times) how tired I’ve been, so it’s no real surprise that I crashed like I did. Good job I took Monday and Tuesday off work.

As well as resting my sorry arse, I’ve not stopped eating. Pizza, fried chicken, burgers, ice cream, chocolate and cake have been my staple diet over the past week, which probably hasn’t helped the energy levels. Oh well, next week the new off season cycle starts. I’ll clean up my diet again and make sure I’m fuelling properly so I can achieve my slightly ambitious goals.

There are just under six months until my birthday. By that time I want my lifts to be:

Squat: 100kg+ (an increase of at least 10kg)

Bench press: >bodyweight (let’s say 62.5-65kg – an increase of 5-7.5kg)

Deadlift: 150kg (an increase of 20kg)


So, if I were to compete at the beginning of March (which would be awesome), I’d be aiming for a total of at least 312.5kg (+35kg on my British total).

Some may think that’s totally doable considering the increase in the 8 weeks between the London Clubs comp and the British Classic, but let’s face it, those were a bit like newbie gains. Before Matt started coaching me, I didn’t have a proper programme and what I was following, I wrote myself. I didn’t understand what my weaknesses were or what I needed to do to address any problems. Having someone who knows what the hell they’re doing telling you what to do is always going to help!

I’ve got three times as long to make very similar gains. It would help if my fucking squat would catch up.

So, to the other business of the week: eating. I haven’t stopped! Even though I have told myself over and over again that it doesn’t matter if I gain weight – I haven’t got any competitions coming up and I’d rather make the strength gains – the fact is that eating this much, and this badly, makes me feel like shit. And because I haven’t been training either, I’ve just felt like a complete pig! Still, that hasn’t stopped me from stuffing my face with all the foods I’ve missed on the run up to the British.

Here are some highlights:


Sunday: Dirty, dirty Domino’s

Cream tea for no reason other than I wanted scones, clotted cream and jam!!

Sunday: Cream tea for no reason other than I wanted scones, clotted cream and jam!!

MAT away day lunch

Friday: Work away day lunch after a 2 hour walk in the Lee Valley. The size of the starter concerned me! WTF?! l-r: salmon tartare; ribeye steak and chips; pecan pie with butterscotch ice cream.

Right, time to clean up the diet a bit and get working on those new goals. Cheats are allowed, but not every day!! I’m actually quite looking forward to it!!


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