This post is quite simply the most boring thing ever!

I’ll apologise now: I really don’t have the energy to write anything this week. I know this blog isn’t exactly a thrill-a-minute, or even particularly well written, but this week I seem to be struggling to string a coherent sentence together. So I’ll keep it brief!!

Monday 6 October

I decided to have a look to see what search terms people were using to get to my blog. Erm…should I be worried?!?!


Is hip fucking a thing?!

Anyway, training went well. I was worried about my right knee: on Saturday as I was walking home from the train station, I had a shooting pain go up my leg from my knee, and it felt like my knee cap was being pulled up to my hip. It didn’t hurt again for the rest of the walk, but every now and again on Saturday evening, Sunday and today, it would happen again.

Strangely, I can squat with no problem. Hopefully, it’s just a result of my tight quad and not scary damage!!

  • Squats:
    • 20kg x 8 (x 3 sets)
    • 40kg x 5
    • 50kg x 5
    • 60kg x 5 (x 5 sets)
  • Pause squats:
    • 50kg x 3 (x 6 sets)
  • Glute ham raises with a back extension:
    • 8 (x 3 sets)
    • 8 (without back extension)
  • Inverted row:
    • 12
    • 10 (x 2 sets)
    • 8
  • Seal rows:
    • 5kg x 8 (x 4 sets)

Tara and I went and stuffed our faces at Pizza Express afterwards, sharing two pizzas. #gains!


Tuesday 7 October

Today was so frustrating that I broke out the emergency treats I keep in my desk drawers. Today, it was Reese’s peanut butter Whoppers (American Maltesers).



I really didn’t want to lift, but I did it, and then face-planted the sofa!

  • Bench press:
    • 20kg x 10
    • 30kg x 5
    • 40kg x 3
    • 47.5kg x 3 (x 8 sets)
  • Incline dumbbell bench press:
    • 25lb x 8 (x 4 sets)
  • Band triceps extension:
    • red band x 12 (x 4 sets)
  • Band triceps pushdowns:
    • blue band x 12 (x 4 sets)
  • Dumbbell shrugs:
    • 35lb x 10
    • 40lb x 10 (x 3 sets)

Wednesday 8 October

This week is taking the piss. I really just want the earth to swallow me up.

  • Seated dumbbell press:
    • 20lb x 8 (x 4 sets)
  • Klokov press:
    • 20kg x 10 (x 4 sets)
  • Band front raise:
    • red band x 12 (x 4 sets)
  • Clams:
    • 6 (x 5 sets)

Thursday 9 October

Seriously, it’s only Thursday?!?! WTF?!?!?!?!?! I feel exhausted – so much so I actually bought a venti-sized coffee from Starbucks, with an extra shot. I’ve slept really badly for the last couple of nights and I think I might need a holiday.

Still, it was deadlifts today. My favourite. Although, it seems I am unable to maintain my form for too many reps at 90kg. This makes me want to cry. I didn’t push it though. The ego lesson was well and truly learnt last week!

  • Pin squats:
    • 20kg x 8 (x 2 sets)
    • 40kg x 8 (x 4 sets)
  • Deadlifts:
    • 60kg x 8
    • 80kg x 5
    • 90kg x 5, 3
    • 80kg x 8
  • Side lunges:
    • 10kg x 5 (x 3 sets)
  • Snatch grip high pulls:
    • 20kg x 5
    • 30kg x 2
    • 40kg x 2 (x 8 sets)
  • Pull throughs:
    • 40kg s 10 (x 4 sets)
  • Pendlay rows / low band rows:
    • 30kg / blue band x 12 / 8 (x 4 sets)

Friday 10 October

I had to take a rest day today as I managed to bag myself a 90-minute sports massage. I was hoping by getting Anita to work on my right quad – to sort out the tightness – it would help with my knee. Sadly not. But the massage was brilliant, as always, and I came away feeling taller!

There was a fuck load of cake and other treats at work today which I was totally unable to resist. Where has my willpower gone? Amazingly, I’ve only put on 3.5kg since the competition. How I’m not 70kg, I don’t know because once I’d finished with Anita, I went home and continued the gluttony! While I don’t believe in good and bad food, I do feel I should eat less of the processed and sweet stuff!! I’ll start again Monday 😉

Saturday 11 October

I had to nip to the hairdresser to sort out my mop of a do. On the way home, I discovered the American food section of the little Tesco in Richmond. These landed in my basket:



Peanut butter (which I’ve tried before and loved!), pretzel and dark chocolate mint M&Ms! Get in!!

Today’s training session was a bit longer than usual as I had to make up for not training yesterday. I was fucking shattered afterwards!!

  • Squats:
    • 20kg x 10
    • 40kg x 5
    • 60kg x 3
    • 70kg x 2
    • 80kg x 2
    • 85kg x 2
  • Bench press – with red band resistance:
    • 20kg x 10 (no band)
    • 20kg x 5
    • 30kg x 5
    • 37.5kg x 5 (x 5 sets)
  • Military press:
    • 20kg x 8
    • 25kg x 8 (x 4 sets)
  • Body weight squats with band around knees:
    • blue band x 8 (x 4 sets)
  • Parallel bar dips:
    • 12
    • 10
    • 8
    • 6
    • 4
  • Dumbbell flyes:
    • 15lb x 12 (x 4 sets)

Good job I had a hearty meal planned: BBQ ribs, potato and sweet potato wedges and coleslaw. All homemade. Followed by a not-homemade salted caramel muffin. Fatty!!


Again, I’m sorry to be so fucking boring. I’ll try harder next week. Promise!

Finally, are you one of the people who came across my blog having Googled ‘hip fucking’ or something like that? Can you explain what you were looking for please?! I’m a bit scared to Google it myself!!! 😉



  1. lozette · · Reply

    PREZEL M&MS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Today I’ve been eating the new Dairy Milk Oreo bars. Ohmahgerd.

    1. Oreo Dairy Milk is fucking AMAZING!!!! I’ll let you know what the M&Ms are like 🙂

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