Monthly Archives: November 2014

Paintballing sucks.

Oops. I appear to be a day late with my blog, and as usual, I have nothing to say. Sunday 16 November Again, work has got in the way of my training schedule, so I had to lift today rather than on Wednesday. I still don’t like lifting on Sundays!!! Bench press: 20kg x 10 […]

A new mesocycle, yoga and a new Powerlifting federation

I’m back from my rather enjoyable deload! Man, did I need it!! Matt’s made some changes to my programme for this cycle, which has me focusing on leg drive and quad development. It also contains the most vomit-inducing back exercise: 50 pull up reps!! Luckily, that comes next week, so I have time to prepare myself! […]

“Ouch! That fucking hurt!” and training at the Weights Room, Dover (with a bit of a gym review)

This week, I hurt myself whilst doing cardio, and popped down to Dover to visit family. They’re the highlights. You don’t need to read any more 😉 Monday 27 October I was so fucking excited about this workout: max double squat. I’ve been feeling really good about squats lately, and just knew I was on for […]