Oh hello! I’m back…kind of!

Hello everyone! It’s been a while…

My biggest fan told me off for not writing anything for a few weeks, so I thought I’d better placate her with a post full of really exciting shit.*

(*this post is probably only exciting for me. Sorry.)

The reason I haven’t posted is because I was boring myself. I mean, who gives a fuck what assistance exercises I did after my millionth set of shit deadlifts?!?! So I apologise for subjecting you to a load of pointless bollocks

So what pointless bollocks am I going to bore you with today? PBs, that’s what.

I’ve been training with Matt for 24 weeks (yes, I counted them all!) and my lifts have seriously improved! Not just in numbers, but also in technique.

Before I started training with Matt, my best lifts were:

  • Squat: 85kg, but I doubt the depth was any good!
  • Bench: 50kg
  • Deadlift: 105kg, which was awful – although I did pull 132.5kg at Britain’s Strongest Woman, but that doesn’t count: my technique was even more shit!

Every 6 weeks, I have to test my max double/triple for the big lifts. This invariably turns into a test of my 1RM as I get a bit cocky and don’t know when to stop.

This week, I had to test my squat twice (in sleeves and in wraps), deadlift, bench and front squat. Which was, quite frankly, exhausting but, on the whole, really fucking successful.

Monday: squats in sleeves

This is the first time I actually ended on a double!! 90kg for two was smooth as silk, so naturally I went for 95kg. I’ve only squatted 95kg once before and that was for one and in wraps the week before. So when two went as well as this, I thought I was on for 100kg!!

I went for 100kg but didn’t get it. Goddammit!

Tuesday: bench

I ended on a double – 60kg!! The second rep was a bit messy and my arse did lift a little, but I think it was still in contact with the bench, so that’s all good! No video though.

Wednesday: deadlift and front squat

Deadlifts did not go well. 110kg for two was good, but 120kg wasn’t happening. If I’d allowed myself to continue rounding my back, then yeah! I’d have got it. But as soon as I felt my arse start to tuck under, I knew I had to swallow my pride and stop.

Front squats, however, went awesomely! Previously, I’d managed 65kg for a badly fought one. Today, it was 75kg for a pretty smooth one.

Saturday: squats in wraps

I rearranged my training schedule so I could have two rest days before I went to Birmingham to train with Matt, as I was determined to break 100kg. I ate a ridiculous amount of food too!

And yes! Not only did I get 100kg, but I got 105kg! Only for a (messy) single, but I’m not going to argue.

After that training session, there had to be burgers, right!!

After that training session, there had to be burgers, right!!

So there we have it. In 24 weeks I’ve added at least 10kg to my squat in sleeves (20kg in wraps!) and at least 10kg to my bench. Deadlifts are still are fucking head fuck, but they will get better. Dial the weight back and work on that stupid technique!!

New cycle begins Christmas week. I hate Christmas, so I’ll be hiding as soon as work ends on 24th and eating a lot of Christmas food – the only thing I like about it. I doubt I’ll blog again before then. Hope you enjoy whatever it is you’re doing!!


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