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This post is quite simply the most boring thing ever!

I’ll apologise now: I really don’t have the energy to write anything this week. I know this blog isn’t exactly a thrill-a-minute, or even particularly well written, but this week I seem to be struggling to string a coherent sentence together. So I’ll keep it brief!! Monday 6 October I decided to have a look […]

Stupid fucking hips!

I’ve had to take a deload this week because my hip flexors are quite unhappy with me. I don’t know if this is because of the volume of training Matt’s got me doing, the changes I’ve made to my squat position are taking a while to adjust to, or if my hip flexors are just […]

Competition 3 disappointment and other whining…

So here we are! Competition week, and as you can imagine, it’s been full of stress, worry and nervousness. Much of the stress I’ve felt has been about my weight. After last week’s success, my weight has really fluctuated, which has caused me to become even more irrational and obsessive! So, be prepared for me […]

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Week 6: fucking shoulders!

I had to have most of this week off training because the tightness in my neck, shoulders and upper back was excruciating! I couldn’t turn my head properly. I couldn’t sleep. It felt like someone had performed the Vulcan Death Grip on me over and over. Basically, I felt like shit on a stick. So […]

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Week 5: OK I give in :-(

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all saw in 2014 in a way you enjoy. I spent the evening with the training buddies in my PJs eating chocolate. I was forced to play Monopoly, but other than that it was a lovely evening 😉 We went for breakfast the next day, which was fat-filled but […]

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Week 3 and it’s all gone tits up :-(

This was not a good week at all. I’ve been a bit ill, I’m a little bit injured and I have been so tired I almost fell asleep at work! Really looking forward to Christmas so I can have a rest! Monday 16th: Pressing with Tara and Anna. Today was shit. I really wasn’t happy […]

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I’m crap at this blogging malarkey…

The title says it all really: I’m crap at keeping up with this blogging malarkey! And it’s not because I don’t want to tell you all about my really exciting life etc. It’s just that you’d all die of jealousy (or boredom…most likely boredom…!) I haven’t really had anything to tell you about that might […]