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axle clean and press

Week 3 and it’s all gone tits up :-(

This was not a good week at all. I’ve been a bit ill, I’m a little bit injured and I have been so tired I almost fell asleep at work! Really looking forward to Christmas so I can have a rest! Monday 16th: Pressing with Tara and Anna. Today was shit. I really wasn’t happy […]

quinoa porridge

Today’s porridge: oat and quinoa

I recently bought some porridge oats from Waitrose that contained quinoa and decided it was just too expensive for what it was! I mean, it was nice but the amount of dessicated coconut that was added to it was ridiculous and the dates were dry and tasteless. I’ve always got quinoa in the cupboard so I […]


Today’s Porridge: Chilli Chocolate

Chilli chocolate is something that I no longer find strange, yet I know some people still do. But people, this is not as strange as wasabi chocolate! I tried the Lindt one recently and unfortunately it’s not something I can un-taste 😦 And I like wasabi!! Needless to say, I shall be avoiding the wasabi […]


Today’s Porridge: Cherry Bakewell

I’ve had a hankering after a cherry bakewell for days. It’s sickeningly sweet frangipane-y yumminess has been calling me from the Forbidden Aisles. It was driving me mad… I decided to try and sate my craving without ruining my (fairly) clean diet. Why, of course, porridge!! How hard could it be? We shall see… Ingredients: […]

Ready to eat

Today’s porridge: Figgy Pudding

While trawling the virtual supermarket shelves (it’s not a good idea for me to actually enter a supermarket as all I can see is red and I lose all sense of humanity!) for things to put in my porridge, I came across figs. Why not? I thought. I’m sure I can think of something to do […]

I promised you porridge…

Up until about 6 years ago, porridge = gruel (think Oliver!). Then I discovered Oatso Simple. I know, I know. It’s a heathen’s porridge, if, indeed, it counts as porridge at all, but it made me realise that porridge didn’t have to be the grey gloop I’d always believed it to be… About 6 months […]