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Paintballing sucks.

Oops. I appear to be a day late with my blog, and as usual, I have nothing to say. Sunday 16 November Again, work has got in the way of my training schedule, so I had to lift today rather than on Wednesday. I still don’t like lifting on Sundays!!! Bench press: 20kg x 10 […]

Where I travel to Brum for some deadlifts and a 1000kcal flapjack!

This week, the peak cycle starts! This means lots of heavy sets and probably some tears! I’ve got quite lofty ambitions for the British Classic on 20 September – which may not be entirely realistic – but I’m going to work my arse off to get as close as I can! I seem to be […]

axle clean and press

Week 3 and it’s all gone tits up :-(

This was not a good week at all. I’ve been a bit ill, I’m a little bit injured and I have been so tired I almost fell asleep at work! Really looking forward to Christmas so I can have a rest! Monday 16th: Pressing with Tara and Anna. Today was shit. I really wasn’t happy […]

unicorn jumper

Week 2: PBs galore!!

This week, not only did I train with competition in mind, but I also discovered the Pixlr app for my phone, so now all my images have borders and filters! Sorry! I’ll get bored soon! I’ve decided that cycling 30 miles a day, even only 3 days a week, is too much as I’m too […]

sweet omelette with strawberries


I love a good omelette. All that eggy goodness with infinite possibilities for fillings (although  I usually always end up with some variation on the ham and tomato combo), which, considering how simple and effortless they are, they really keep you full for AGES! As you know, I’ve been really into my pancakes recently, but […]