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Training with deadlifting legends and watching them, and a few other man mountains, compete!

This is such an exciting week! So much strong stuff going on. So much lifting to do. No point forcing an introduction to this post… Sunday 3 August I am desperate to match my Strongwoman deadlift PB (132.5kg) with a proper Powerlifting deadlift with beautiful, proper deadlift form. So desperate, I’d sell my soul… OK […]

I’m stupid and I feel like shit!

This week, I have mostly been eating, making up for the weeks of freaking out about my weight etc. It’s also been a bit of a funny week of training. I train 6 days a week, but this week I had to condense everything into 4 days and move stuff around. That alone was fucking […]

Powerlifting comp #1: t-minus 1 week!

I promised you a more interesting blog post this week, but alas it looks like I’m going to fail. What with work and training 6 days a week, I don’t feel like I have much time to do anything exciting every week. I’m getting on! I need my rest time!! This week is my last […]

Yet another dull post. Sorry!

This week’s post really is going to be minimalist. Other than training, I’ve done absolutely nothing. My new programme, which is incredibly high in volume, has knackered me out a bit!! Sunday 6 July My new programme says I should do overhead pressing on a Wednesday, but it suits me more to do it on […]

The new programme of DOMS!

Ah, what a week.  I don’t have anything to follow that up with. Sorry. I was trying to make everything sound exciting… This week has been long and tiring, and I think I need to start taking ZMA again to help me with my sleep.  I won’t bang on about nothing. Here’s training: Sunday 29 […]

Der Schweiz and back to reality!

Switzerland was amazing: seven days of clean air and amazing views, but also, sadly, really fatty food! Everything I ate was either smothered in a creamy sauce or fried, and vegetables were almost impossible to get hold of. When I did manage to get my hands on a few salad leaves or a carrot, they […]

Going head-to-head with my training buddy…

Here we are then. Competition week. Time to rest and eat. Eating’s the easy bit. The resting, not so much. There’s not much to really tell you apart from the small matter of my fourth competition in three months. So what happened? Oh, I came second. But more about that later… This week, I also […]