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Is there such a thing as a self-belief supplement…?

Wotcha! I told you I wouldn’t be able to keep up the blogging again. Ah well, I’m sure you haven’t missed me!! This week’s training didn’t get off to the best of starts. Up until this point, things have, generally, gone well with this cycle and I have felt that the projected numbers were within […]

Paintballing sucks.

Oops. I appear to be a day late with my blog, and as usual, I have nothing to say. Sunday 16 November Again, work has got in the way of my training schedule, so I had to lift today rather than on Wednesday. I still don’t like lifting on Sundays!!! Bench press: 20kg x 10 […]

A new mesocycle, yoga and a new Powerlifting federation

I’m back from my rather enjoyable deload! Man, did I need it!! Matt’s made some changes to my programme for this cycle, which has me focusing on leg drive and quad development. It also contains the most vomit-inducing back exercise: 50 pull up reps!! Luckily, that comes next week, so I have time to prepare myself! […]

“Ouch! That fucking hurt!” and training at the Weights Room, Dover (with a bit of a gym review)

This week, I hurt myself whilst doing cardio, and popped down to Dover to visit family. They’re the highlights. You don’t need to read any more 😉 Monday 27 October I was so fucking excited about this workout: max double squat. I’ve been feeling really good about squats lately, and just knew I was on for […]

More food. More squats. And more deadlift meltdowns…

Week 4 of my off-season mesocycle, and I’m definitely looking forward to deload (week 6). You never know, I might have the energy to tidy up my flat! My diet has totally gone off the rails and I’ve gained 5kg in 5 weeks! As Matt would say, “Gainz”. Luckily, I still just about fit in […]

Where I break my promise…and remain boring as hell!

I promised a more exciting post this week, but guess what, I think I’m gong to fail!! I should just accept it, I’m not very interesting… Ah well. Here’s my usual mix of training rundown and food pics, with added knitwear. Monday 13 October Well, the week started off positively! I felt rested and was […]

This post is quite simply the most boring thing ever!

I’ll apologise now: I really don’t have the energy to write anything this week. I know this blog isn’t exactly a thrill-a-minute, or even particularly well written, but this week I seem to be struggling to string a coherent sentence together. So I’ll keep it brief!! Monday 6 October I decided to have a look […]