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Recovery, gluttony and it all starts again…

Hello!! I decided not to bother you with ramblings about fuck all last week. I didn’t train at all so apart from the mountain of food I ate, there wasn’t much to tell.  Don’t worry though, I’ll give you a brief summary of that gluttony in this post!!  Last week… Last week, I mostly ate burgers […]

Events training, Wonder Woman and no eggs rancheros!

This week, I am back into proper training, with the next competition only 5 weeks away: England’s Strong Women Championship London and Northern Counties Qualifier at New Spartan Gym in Watford on Saturday 26th April. The events are: 100kg deadlift for reps (in 60 seconds?) 35kg log floor to overhead for reps (in 60 seconds?) […]

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Oh bloody hell! Comp number 2 is only a week away!!

Having woken up on Sunday feeling remarkably human, I was expecting to feel like a bus had hit me on Monday. I’d arranged to work from home so I wouldn’t have to get my sorry ass to and from work. I’m glad I did. I didn’t feel quite as bad as I was expecting, but […]

It’s all over and I didn’t embarrass myself!

So here we are: comp week already! How did this happen?! As I’m sure you can appreciate, I was fucking bricking it this week. Add to this the stress of weighing in, and I was a mess. So here we go: my pre-comp week! Monday 24th February 2014 Today was a rest day. My body […]


This week has been full of anxiety and self-doubt as the competition gets closer. I know I’m not going to win, but I’m desperate to not make a complete twat of myself! There are still a number of events I haven’t had the chance to train, and others feel like they’re going backwards 😦 Monday […]


4 weeks out and Meh!

This week hasn’t been anything spectacular, although my deadlifting confidence had a bit of a boost on Wednesday, which I really needed! Other than that, there was training, work, eating and sleeping. Just a normal week really. Monday 27th January 2014 When we trained with our mate Loz, he pointed out that my squats were […]

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5 weeks out and the best training day EVER!

What a week!! Not much training has happened, but the stuff that has was hardcore, particularly Wednesday…! Despite the lack of training, I seem to have a lot to say for myself! Monday 20th January 2014 I’ve been freaking out completely about my deadlift, so I thought I’d book a session with Mike to get my […]