Err, what?!

This blog started out as a bit of a joke: a former colleague was really interested in the porridge I have for breakfast – I was making “interesting” flavours like mocha, chilli chocolate, cherry bakewell and figgy pudding – and said I should put them on the internet for everyone to see.

So I did.

But, people also kept asking me about the amount of exercise I did, so I ended up adding some stuff about that too.

Since then, things have changed: I rarely post solely about porridge and mostly bang on about the amount of weight I’ve been lifting. This has got worse since I started training for my first Strongwoman competition (which I signed up for in November 2013 and is taking place in March 2014).

Breakfast isn’t the only meal I think everyone wants to read about: I talk about all food. And take a lot of pictures of my meals.

So that’s what you’ll find here: lifting heavy shit and eating all the food, punctuated with a little bit of cycling. Nothing ground breaking!! 😉


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